About Burton Institute of Education™


Simplelogo-315x202About the Burton Institute of Education™ Offering the Gift of Knowledge®: Founded in 2008, the goal of the Burton Institute of Education™ is to provide a diverse education environment for all learners. The individual learner is most important. Therefore, focusing on the diversity and richness of individual learners are the keys to the success of Burton Institute of Education ™.

Welcome to the Burton Institute of Education online learning site. Our goal is to provide a diverse learning environment that meets the needs of our global community. The Burton Institute of Education is designed to delivers educational tools for ages 5 and above in a virtual classroom setting. The following are just a few of the courses that will be available:

English as a Second Language
Basic Mathematics
Basic Language Arts
Basic History
Basic Civics
Basic Science
Basic Literature
Basic Psychology
Foreign Language
The Basics of Becoming a Writer

Additionally, our mission is to provide affordable education opportunities for our learners. Some of our learners will pay on an *income-based tuition scale.

CD_Headshot_1d-385x578About Clarissa Burton: Clarissa Burton is the Executive Director of Burton Institute of Education™. She holds an M.A. in Business from Webster University (2005), a B.A. in Human Relations from Ottawa University (1997), and an EdS in Adult Education from Walden University. Ms. Burton is a published author of more than 10 books. She publishes blogs on several online websites, an online radio program, Let’s Just Talk Radio Show on, and has a YouTube™ video series, Until Next Time.

*Income-Based Tuition: Additional information is required to determine actual tuition costs. More information will be available in the portal.